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Intervention and Referral Service Team

2010-2011 IRST (Intervention and Referral Service Team)

The Team Members

First Class
Michael Peri
Gerry Beatty
Child Study Team
Lisa Westhaver
Lydia Greco
Student Assistance Counselor
Kevin Hughes
Regina Smilon
Sari Weiss
April Muccio
Special Education
Brian Dunn
Social Studies
What is the IRST process?
1) The IRST process is in no way a disciplinary process.
2) All information obtained in the process is strictly confidential.
3) The IRST process can be a preliminary step in getting an evaluation by the Child Study Team.

The process begins when a teacher has exhausted all traditional methods for student intervention.  This includes, but is not limited to, such tactics as talking with guidance counselors, calling or emailing home, and encouraging students to come for extra help.

A teacher or guidance counselor may refer students to the team for any of the following reasons: academic performance, behavioral issues, or overall concerns for the student’s well being.

The team then gathers information about the student’s academic or behavioral progress, previous and current test scores, and classroom behavior.

The team meets to discuss the student, and develops a preliminary plan of action based up the information obtained.

A parent meeting with the IRST team and the student is arranged.  At that meeting, the IRST team draws up a plan of action with the input of all parties involved.

The IRST team continues to monitor the student’s progress throughout the year.

Goals of IRST Intervention
  • To develop strategies to help the student improve their academic standing.
  • To help the student adapt to the high school environment.
  • To examine potential disparities between the student’s class placement and their academic ability.
  • To determine if a child study team evaluation is needed.
  • To share successful strategies with the student’s teachers.

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