Successful contractor cannot commence work under the terms of the specifications until he has furnished certificate of insurance to the Board of Education showing that he has Contractor's Public Liability, property damage, and Workers' Compensation Insurance providing and including full coverage for all subcontractors, the Board of Education and its agents and employees. The minimum limits of bodily injury are $1,000,000. Property damage limit is $1,000,0000 - $2,000,000. An additional $5,000,000 liability "umbrella coverage" must be provided. The certificate of insurance shall contain a ten-day cancellation and/or modification clause with mandatory written notice of cancellation or change by the insurance company to the Board of Education. The successful contractor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Board of Education, its agents and its employees through appropriate insurance (evidence of same will be submitted).

The Northern Valley Regional High School Board of Education must be named additional insured on all required insurance policies.