It is the District's desire to present an appealing and nutritious array of food to the children within the community. To provide these meals, the District partners with a Food Service Management Company (FSMC). The FSMC must be registered with the State of New Jersey as an approved management company and have a demonstrated experience in school feeding in a block scheduling environment. As part of their service, the FSMC will need to comply with all the District’s policies, including implementing the NJ law restricting foods and beverages in NJ’s public schools, Liability Insurance Mandates, complying with HACCP (Health and Sanitation) regulations, and having an acceptable Biosecurity Plan in place.

It is also the District’s desire to run an economically efficient program. This will ensure that the Districts resources are not diverted to subsidizing the cafeteria operation and instead are used for educational purposes. The FSMC is hired to administer the cafeteria program and charges the District a fee for this service. All the revenue from the sale of food and beverage items is deposited daily directly into the Board of Education’s bank account.

In an effort to run the cafeteria in an economically efficient manner, the District sets prices and policy for the items offered in the school. The goal of the pricing strategy is to keep the costs reasonable for students, while maintaining a self sufficient cafeteria operation. The District offers the Food Service Management Company, as policy, an environment free of competitive sales in order to help achieve the goal of economic efficiency.