1- Food and other foodservice supplies will be purchased from reputable dealers.

2- A contact list of all foodservice suppliers will be kept by the Food Service Director, Foodservice Biosecurity Team Leader and the 2nd and 3rd Foodservice Contacts.

3- A copy of each supplier's Board of Health Certification or licensing will be kept on file by the Food Service Director.

4- All food suppliers will deliver food with a tamper proof seal. Food items will be matched to an invoice by the receiving person.

5- If a product is received with a broken seal, it will be rejected and returned.

6- Unscheduled deliveries will be rejected or returned unless advance notification is provided.

7- Suppliers will provide the school with any HACCP or Biosecurity measures that may be in place.

8- All suppliers will sign an agreement that they will comply with our Foodservice Biosecurity Management Plan.

9- Tamper-evident packaging will be discussed with, and requested from our vendors that supply our schools with fresh produce.