Important Information for Students and Parents

Mathematics Course Offerings

Fundamentals Sequence
College Prep Sequence
College Prep Enriched Sequence
Accelerated Sequence
Honors Sequence
9th Grade
Fundamentals of Algebra I
Algebra I 4X
Algebra I
Honors Geometry
10th Grade
Fundamentals of Geometry
Geometry 4X
Algebra II
Honors Algebra II
11th Grade
Fundamentals of Algebra II
Intermediate Algebra II
Algebra II
Precalculus Honors

AP Statistics

AP Computer Science A
12th Grade
Fundamentals of
Discrete Math

Discrete Math
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics

AP Computer Science A

Criteria for Placement in Honors Geometry (9th Grade):

Successful honors students exhibit the following mindsets and behaviors:
Are highly self-motivated;  Demonstrate a solid work ethic;  Participate fully in class discussions and activities;  Work Independently;  Demonstrate ability to think critically and abstractly; Are persistent problem solvers; Are proficient in the 8 mathematical practices

Successful honors students exhibit the following achievement:
- Minimum A- average for each of the first two marking periods of Algebra 1.

- Minimum score of 90% on the Algebra 1 midyear examination.

- Students scoring a 5 on PARCC Mathematics 7 earn the Geometry Honors recommendation.


"Doubling-up" Mathematics Classes:

Freshmen who are enrolled in Algebra I and meet the grade criteria will be given the opportunity to "double-up" their mathematics in sophomore year; i.e., students will be allowed to take Geometry and Algebra II at the same time.  This new program gives students the opportunity to enroll in Calculus in their senior year.

As the curriculum and rigor for college prep enriched Precalculus and Precalculus Honors differ, college prep enriched Precalculus students will NOT be able to enroll or "waiver" into AP Calculus.


All students are required to purchase a graphing calculator for use in class.

Northern Valley strongly recommends the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus calculator.  You may purchase the CE, Silver Edition, or C Silver Edition.  Teachers will use this calculator regularly in class. 

Texas Instruments makes several model graphics calculators:  TI-83, TI-89, TI-Inspire, etc.  Especially if supplies run low, some salesmen may attempt to sell you another model; we suggest that you only purchase the TI-84 Plus.  Please note: students may NOT use the TI-89 or TI-Inspire calculator on assessments.

Since calculator inventories often run low in August and September, we recommend that you purchase your calculator before the summer.

Classroom Assessments

Teachers evaluate students in a variety of ways.  Assessments can include tests, quizzes, projects, homework checks, etc.

In order to maintain the integrity of our assessment instruments, all tests will be kept by the teacher.  That is, when a test is given and after the teacher grades the test, the teacher will return the test to students, discuss it, and then the test will be re-collected.  Should a student wish to review the assessment in detail, then the student should meet with the teacher after school at which time a detailed analysis of the results can occur.  At no time will the student be allowed to keep the assessment.

Mathematics Department Homework Policy

There are high expectations at Northern Valley.

Accordingly, the Mathematics Department maintains a requirement that pertains to every mathematics student.  Students are required to keep a homework notebook wherein students keep all their assigned work. This notebook will serve as the students’ record of progress throughout the course. Notebooks may be be collected and assigned a grade.

The department uses a variety of strategies to evaluate the quality and effort of assigned work- homework quizzes, collection of homework, checking notebooks, etc. This portion of a student’s coursework may be included in the student's marking period grade.

Also, in keeping with our philosophies, copying homework cannot be tolerated. Any student who submits copied work or is found to have copied another student’s work will receive a zero for that particular homework grade.

We believe that nurturing scholarship and proper study skills are important parts of the classroom experience. We hope this policy will help students develop the tools that they will need to achieve success in the 21st century.

Mathematics Department Integrity Policy

In keeping with Northern Valley's philosophies, any deviance from proper academic integrity- which includes copying homework, using formulas/programs that have been stored in a calculator during an assessment, using a calculator when it is specifically not allowed, cheating on tests/quizzes, seeking assistance on projects that have been assigned as individual student work, etc., cannot be tolerated.

If it is determined by a teacher that an incident of cheating has occurred, the teacher will:

1. Discuss the incident with the student and review the consequences of cheating.

2. Contact the student's parent or guardian, by telephone or e-mail.

3. Notify the assistant principal or principal by submitting a student discipline form.

Also, the teacher may request a conference, to include the student's guidance counselor, parent or guardian, and student, to discuss the incident.

In all cases, a grade of zero will be assigned for the assessment in question.