Web Sites useful for Social Studies Classes.  political information website- good for civics and elections   underground railroad museum website  George Washington information  National Center for History in Schools website- lesson plans, information, research sites.    blank outline maps of every country. Top 100 document in American history – lessons and primary sourses. Great resource for World History cover every topic. History resources for every topic-higher level Library of Congress website great information on many topics. History Channel website- some good lesson associated with their videos. website for the English Royal Family history.  Colonial Williamsburg website- good for colonial time period. - National Geographic website- good for a variety of topics. NJ Women’s History web page. The History Net webpage- associated with many historical magazines- many great articles and a large variety of topics.

Bergen County Historical Society website.  Good local information. Von Stuben House, Revolution etc.  Webquest page from San Diego State University- great collection of webquests.  Website for Ellis Island » a user’s guide to the Declaration of Independence. Civil Rights Museum Web site.  The American Labor Museum Botto House National Landmark Paterson NJ Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) is an independent, nonprofit organization devoted to advanced research and public education on international affairs.  Gilder Lehrman Institute has excellent information for American history including many rare document.

awesome stories has great information on a wide variety of history topics.  Very good for middle school.  Links to images enhance the stories.

Cliffnotes the newsletter of the PIP Commission has many stories of the parkway and life in Bergen county over the 70 years it has been around.