Course Sequence

Northern Valley Regional High School
Department of History and Social Sciences

Required Courses
Grade 9 United States History I (Honors, College Prep, College Prep with support)
Grade 10 United States History II (AP, College Prep, College Prep with support)
Grade 11 World History (AP, College Prep Enriched, College Prep with support)

Electives in the Social Studies

Half Year Electives

1. American Studies

2. Constitutional Law/ Street Law

3. Sociology

4. Psychology

5. History of the U.S. Through Film and Media

6. Sport in History

7. World History In Film

8. Crimes of the Century

Full Year Electives

1. Economics

2. Modern European History AP

3. United States Government and Politics AP

4. World History AP

5. Micro/Macro Economics AP

6. Psychology AP