French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean
Latin and Spanish

The World Language program at Northern Valley strives to do the following:  teach World Languages for the purpose of communication; increase the cultural awareness of students; make connections through World Language to other disciplines; and prepare students for using a World Language in their chosen career.
All language instruction follows the guidelines set forth in the New Jersey Curriculum Content Standards for World Language.  While all classes follow the program outlined, the presentation of material in regular, honors and Advanced Placement classes does differ.  Honors classes tend to go at a faster pace and deal with subject matter in greater detail.  The curriculum for the Advanced Placement classes adheres to the guidelines set forth by the College Board.  These classes are geared for students who will be taking the Advanced Placement exam in May for possible college credit.
The World Language department offers four year programs in Italian, Japanese and Latin.  The regular French and Spanish programs continue through level five.  Honor courses for all languages commence at the second year.  In addition, Advanced Placement classes for French, Japanese  and Spanish are offered to eligible students.  Finally, the district is building a Chinese program and currently offers levels I,  II and III.

FRENCH I, CHINESE I, ITALIAN I, KOREAN I, SPANISH I, JAPANESE I                                 
In the first year of foreign language study, the emphasis is on basic communication using learned material and phrases.  Students will learn the vocabulary and patterns necessary to express common courtesies and meet basic needs.  Attention is paid to pronunciation, the development of listening comprehension and simple conversational skills.  Reading and writing are limited as students need time to build their core vocabulary and learn basic grammar structures.  The practice of basic patterns in context contributes to the development of elemental proficiency.   

LATIN I, II, III, IV                                                                                                               
The study of classic language, Latin, has a definite and honored place in a foreign language department.  One of the purposes of a Latin program is to show the value of the language to the modern world.  There is expanded vocabulary work, intensive and extensive study of grammar, appropriate drills in structure, translation from and to Latin, and the study of Roman literature, history and culture.  Latin is treated as a subject worthy of study for its own value as well as being a valuable tool in the study of Western Languages and civilization.

During the second year students begin to engage in basic communicative exchanges, though reliance on learned phrases is still strong.  Students ask questions and make statements though the ability to expand on this is still limited.  The development of listening comprehension skills continues apace.  Additional grammatical structures are introduced while elements from the introductory level are re-enforced.  The textbook is supplemented with short stories and articles from newspapers and periodicals where appropriate.

JAPANESE II (H.), SPANISH II (H.)                                                                                
In addition to the regular level two curriculum, the honors program involves a more in-depth approach to the development of language skills.

JAPANESE III-IV                
In these levels students begin to create with the language by combining and re-combining learned elements while initiating and sustaining to a degree basic communicative tasks.  Communicative proficiency with increasing accuracy is a goal.  Students are required to write well-developed compositions, and read and discuss stories in the target language.  Culture and civilization are also an important component of instruction at these levels.

SPANISH III-IV (H.),  JAPANESE III (H.)                                                                    

In addition to the regular level three and four curriculum, the honors program involves a more in-depth approach to the development of language skills with the use of supplementary and more challenging materials.

LATIN II (H.), LATIN III (H.), LATIN IV (H.)                                                              
These courses aim to develop proficiency in the reading of literary works (novels, plans, poems, essays) and civilization materials.  Writing, in the form of controlled composition from the previous level, includes advanced and free composition.  Listening and speaking skills are incorporated on a more frequent basis to improve facility in these areas.  The acquisition and manipulation of each of the skills move at a more accelerated pace.

FRENCH V, SPANISH V,  ITALIAN V                                                                            
Communicative competence is the goal of this course.  A variety of materials, including print and audio-visual will be used to guide the students toward a greater comprehension of the language and increased ability to function in the language.

AP FRENCH,  AP CHINESE,  AP ITALIAN, AP JAPANESE,  AP SPANISH                                   
The focus of the course will be to prepare the students for the advanced placement language exam given in May.  A thorough review of the fine points of grammar, as well as extensive oral and written practice in the language will be given.  Literary texts, culture, and history will be studied. Course requirements for all AP Courses will include participation in the AP exam published by the College Board.