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Program of Studies Night at NVRHS 2-13-18
Tuesday, February 13 @ NVOT Media Center, 6:45 pm

Dear Parents of 9th 10th and 11th graders,
Planning courses is one of the most important aspects of the high school experience.  To meet with success, families must become educated to make wise scheduling decisions.  As scheduling is very individualized, course and level choices must be made in context of student current and future goals, personal interests and academic development.  In addition, students need to consider choices in light of a balance between the whole academic load and responsibilities out of the classroom. 
During the scheduling meeting, students work with their counselors to make course requests based on all of these considerations, while addressing graduation requirements, teacher recommendations, prerequisites, the Four-Year Academic Framework and Career Pathways.
Northern Valley students enjoy an extensive range of courses - across all educational levels and in both academic and 'related arts' areas. 9th and 10th graders have opportunities to build a solid and rigorous foundation while exploring options.  We have increased our number of honors and Advanced Placement courses to offer challenges along the way.  11th and 12th graders have access to many dual-enrollment courses.  12th graders have independent study options, structured learning experiences and early college enrollment options.  Nearly all students may take eight courses each year.  Opportunities abound for a variety of student needs, such as taking an academic challenge, exploring career interests, developing an avocation, learning a new skill, relieving stress or qualifying for special college programs.
With all of these opportunities, we urge all parents and students to engage actively in evaluating current academic progress, researching course options and honestly assessing future capability.  You are strongly encouraged to review the scheduling resources on the Guidance Department Homepage, including the Program of Studies. This critical resource includes courses descriptions, the Four-Year Academic Framework, Career Pathways Outline, graduation requirements, course overview and much more.  Please research our offerings and discuss course planning with your child.
Parents and students are urged to attend our Program of Studies Night on February 13, 2018 at 6:45 pm in the NV Old Tappan Media Center.

There, we will review the scheduling process, program offerings, courses, graduation requirements, and other scheduling topics. Parents may also contact the student's counselor directly (201-784-1600, extensions listed below), and they are welcome to attend the scheduling conferences.  Please make the time to review the resources in this scheduling process, and remember that your counselors, teachers and supervisors are here to support your child along the way.  Given the increasingly complex nature of our carefully built master schedule, we ask that all course selections be completed by the third week in March - we can accommodate no schedule changes after that time.
We look forward to working with your child throughout the scheduling process.


Mr. Matthew Spatz, Director of Guidance, ext. 24150

Guidance Counselors
Ms. Kerri Hubbard, Lead Counselor, ext. 24100
Ms. Laura Cavanaugh ext. 24120
Mr. Matthew Corso ext. 24160
Ms. Amanda Fitzpatrick ext. 24360
Ms. Megan Coren ext. 24380 (Leave replacement for Ms. MacRae)
Ms. Laura Rupp ext. 24170
Ms. Melissa Vion, ext. 24110