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NVRHS English 1
Romeo and Juliet

by J. Cooper | 4/8/14
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Use terms and concepts found in book indexes, catalog subject headings, and in search results to help you develop effective keywords for searching in databases and on the Internet.
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Access books through our catalog

305.23 Child Development
305.4 Women's History
820 British Literature
    822 British Drama
         822.3 Elizabethan Drama - plays and criticism

940.2 Renaissance Europe
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Reference Books

Critical Analyses and Background Information
R 305.231 The Gale Encyclopedia of Childhood & Adolescence
R 822.3 SHA Shakespearean Criticism Volume 5.
R 822.3 SHA Shakespeare for Students has an excerpt of the Volume 5
Shakespearean Criticism chapter.
REF 903 The New Dictionary of the History of Ideas
REF 940.2 REN The Renaissance - 4 Volumes.
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Bloom's eBook Collection

Username: __________

Password: __________
Bloom's eBooks
Video Guide to navigating Bloom's eBooks

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Reference eBooks

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Password: __________

Virtual Reference Library - Gale Cengage

        Gale Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescent Development
Shakespeare for Students: Critical Interpretations of Shakespeare's Plays and Poetry.  
The New Dictionary of the History of Ideas
Elizabethan World Reference Library
Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students
eBooks feature tables of contents and indexes in addition to search boxes.
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Database Subscriptions -

Literature Criticism

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Password: __________
1) Bloom's Literary Reference Online
Click on "Advanced Search."
Input your play title in the search box under, "With the exact phrase" and type a
keyword for your paper topic into the box under, "With at least one of the words."
Select limiters.
Navigating Results Tabs:
-All Results, Biographies, Overviews and Synopses, Analyses and Criticism,
Topics and Themes

*Look for "Page Tools" for printing, email, and citation information.

2) Literature Resource Center (Gale)
Major Search Paths
- Works Search* -- Type in the title of play. Look in yellow navigation bar for
"search within these results" search box.  Type your paper topic keywords
to access articles.
- Advanced Search -- to search more efficiently by inputting the title as "Name
of Work," author's name as "Person-By," and your paper topic as "Keyword."
De-select limiters.
Navigating Results Tabs:
-Literature Criticism, Biographies, Topics and Work Overviews, Reviews and
News, Primary Sources, Multimedia

*Look for "Page Tools" for printing, email, translation, and citation information.

3)  Literary Reference Center (EBSCO)
Click on "Advanced Search." Input your title in the search box in quotation
marks, then type in the author's name and your paper topic keyword. Make
sure the radio button to the left of "Find all my search terms" is selected.
Select Literary Criticism from green and white navigation bar.
Check box to find similar terms.
*Click on yellow citation icon on upper right for an article's citation information.

Online Resources -

History Database

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Password: __________
Daily Life Through History
Covering all countries and every time period from ancient times to the present, this database provides interesting details on everyday life.  Click on "Eras."  Then under "Life during the Renaissance, the 15th and 16th Centuries," click on "Europe."  Then click on "Renaissance Europe." Select "Domestic Life" for articles on family life and children.  

Internet Resources-

Search Engine -

Shakespeare Searched
"The Shakespeare Searched engine queries the works of the Bard based on keyword.  Search by character (like all the times Romeo says "yonder") or by work (here's blood in MacBeth.) Great for students or any Billy Bard enthusiasts." — Gina Trapani

Internet Resources-
Literature Websites-

1) ArdenNet: The Critical Resource for Shakespeare Studies: Internet Shakespeare Editions
Romeo and Juliet Study Guide
"The Bottom Line: Though there is little attempt to put Shakespeare in a historical context, Shakespeare Online offers essays and study materials whose informal presentation favors students and other newcomers to Shakespeare." -Anthony Aycock, Library Journal Online

Internet Resources-

History Websites -

Renaissance & Elizabethan Life
1) Elizabethan England
This site is a portal to other sites on topics related to Shakespeare, his works and his time. The specific page on Elizabethan England has links to aspects of daily life and literature.

2) Furness Shakespeare Library: English Renaissance in Context
The English Renaissance in Context: Tutorials
This site has a very interesting program on the play that might be of help to students viewing the films of it.

3) The Royal Shakespeare Company

Click on the play's title to find information on the themes as well as images and videos.

Internet Resources-

Adolescent Psychology Websites
1) American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Middle School and Early High School Years

Late High School Years and Beyond
These two brief lists provide a quick description of traits psychiatrists generally consider common to healthy adolescents.

2) The Teen Brain: Behavior, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

3) Adolescent Growth and Development
Virginia Cooperative Extension
This site contains a research-based, yet practical outline of adolescent development. Information covers the physical, cognitive, and social aspects of development, how the transitions affect teens, what adults can do, and what resources are available. Information is intended for parents and educators.

4) Medline Plus
Teen Development
Adolescent Psychology
This website is a health encyclopedia maintained by the National Library of Medicine.

Internet Resources-

"Just for Fun" Website
How to Speak with a Proper Elizabethan Accent

Internet Resources-

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