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NVRHS: U.S. History II & IIAP
Twentieth Century Research Paper

J. Cooper | 2/14/14

Print Resources:

Newspapers on Microfilm and Online:

Online Resources:
History Database Subscriptions - General History, U.S. History, Power Searches

Government Sites
Research Guides


Search for specific events, such as the "Vietnam War" and "Black Panthers," or search for specific people involved in an event, such as "Eleanor Roosevelt" or "John Kennedy" as KEYWORDS.

Print Resources-


Circulating collection
call numbers

Access through the BELS catalog @

      301.451 African-American History
      305.4 Women's History
     323.1 Civil Rights Movement
      342.7 Civil Rights Act
      353 Space Program
      364.1 Watergate

      629.4 Space Program

      780 Music
      790 Sports

      909.82 World history - 20th century, 1900-1999
      973 United States

           973.9 . . United States - Twentieth Century
              973.92 Watergate
Print Resources-

Reference Books

Reference call numbers

REF 300s
  REF 306.973 Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell Bottoms.  Arranged by topic within volumes arranged by         decades.

   R 973.03  Dictionary of American History. Arranged by alphabetically by topic.
   R 973.03  Encyclopedia of American History. Arranged by topic alphabetically within volumes
   arranged by date.
 REF 973. 8  American Decades. Arranged by topic alphabetically within volumes
   arranged by decade.

Historical Newspapers
Through BCCLS

3 databases which index newspapers (including the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times back to 1985, and the New York Times back to 1851) and magazines on a wide range of topics including the arts, business, humanities, health, social sciences, and the sciences.  

*** Go to the BCCLS Database Webpage. You will need to input your public library card number to access the database.

Online Resources-

History eBooks

Username: _________________

Password: _________________
GVRL: Gale Virtual Reference Library - Gale Cengage
Example: American Decades Primary Sources

Salem Press
Example: The Nineties in America

Online Resources-

History Database Subscriptions

Username: _________________

Password: _________________

1) American History - ABC-Clio

2) U.S. History in Context

3) Issues and Controversies in American History

4) Annals of America - Encyclopedia Britannica


5)  History Reference Center - EBSCO


6) ABC-CLIO Social Studies Web

        American History - ABC-Clio
         World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society
         World History: Modern Era - ABC-Clio

7)  Facts On File online database portal

African-American History Online
American History Online
American Indian History Online
American Women's History Online

8) Gale Powersearch                                       

News Archive
NBC Archives on Demand
Please see registration instructions to access this site.

NVRHSOT's Registration Code: __________

Internet Resources-

Government Websites

Search tool for The Library of Congress databases, including American Memories Project.

The National Archives

Internet Resources-

College Research Guides
College and University librarians develop pathfinders for their students as well.  Typically called "Research Guides," they can esily be located for general topics like U.S. History and may also be available for more specific courses or research topics.  

Go to Google Advanced Search page.  Put "civil rights" (or your topic) in the first search box and "research guide" in the second, 'exact wording or phrase' box.  Go to the 'search within a site' box and input ".edu"

Example: NCSU Library Research Guide : Civil Rights
Internet Resources-

College History Portals

History Matters: The U.S. Survey Course on the Web
Designed for teachers and students at the high school and college levels, History Matters is a gateway site to web-based materials about U.S. History. A search engine, as well as broad topical links, provide access to primary documents, images, audio files, and secondary articles that connect the user to people and places throughout U.S. History. (Review ALA) The site provides information on "reading" documentary photographs @ .

Voice of the Shuttle - History: US
- Maintained by the English Department at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Internet Resources-

Subject Directories

Pathfinder page:

Select "Searching Tools" from Navigation Bar
Click on "Pathfinders"
Example: Detroit Rock History, 1965-1980

- Click on "Subject Collections"
- Select "Social Sciences"
- Click on "History"
- Select "History by Region," then "North American History," "United States History," and "20th Century History"

For information on Presidents Of The U.S.

Citation Tools

Username: _________________

GUIDES: OWL MLA Citation Formats

Use the universal username as the coupon code to register and to login.

Mobile apps:
Andoid App


Landmarks Son of Citation Machine

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