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NVRHS  |  Chemistry II A.P.  |  Science Poster Session

by J. Cooper | 5/13/14


Research Guides

Subject Directories:

Search Tips
Boolean Operators
Using AND, OR, NOT

Scholarly (Refereed or Peer Reviewed) Articles / Journals
Why use scholarly sources

Tips for Reading Scholarly Articles

Scientific Literature
The Structure of Scientific Literature
eBook Collection


Virtual Reference Library - Gale Cengage
This eBook collection has some older titles that may be useful for generating topics to research for your poster.

Expand the list of titles by clicking on "Science" in the nav bar.  Try one of the Science in Dispute titles which  include some enduring conflicts.  Click on the Table of Contents to browse then copy & paste chapter titles into search box.  Or open CDs, Super Glue, and Salsa or try World of Sports Science for some quirky ideas.

Expand the main subject of "Medicine" for a few resources on health-related topics.


Aggregator Databases:

Science in Context - Gale
The latest scientific developments are covered in articles from over 200 magazines and academic journals and links top quality web sites."+  Look for "Academic Journals."

Science Reference Center - EBSCO
"Science Reference Center contains full text for nearly 640 science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, etc. Select "Full Text" and "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" below the search box.

EBSCO's Environmental article collection.

Reference Database:

Science Online
This collection includes brief articles listed under tabs by type of information: "topics, terms & principles," "images," "experiments," "biographies," and "news."



EBSCO Masterfile Premiere
Special collections include:
Academic Search Premiere
Health Source - Consumer Edition
AHFS Consumer Medication Information

Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life -- Real Answers
This database features articles and self-help tools on topics discussed in health and Biology classes, including diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, fitness, mental health, family life, career counseling, and numbers to contact national twenty-four hour hotlines for teens in crisis.

Research Guides

College and University librarians develop pathfinders for their students as well.  Typically called "Research Guides" or "libGuides," they can esily be located for general topics like Chemistry and may also be available for more specific sciences or research topics.  Although you will not be able to use their books or database subscriptions, scroll down to locate their recommended websites.

Go to Google Advanced Search page.  Put "chemistry" or "alternative energy," whatever your topic is in the first search box and "research guide libguide pathfinder" in the second, 'exact wording or phrase' box.  Go to the 'search within a site' box and input ".edu"  You may wish to limit your search to guides updated the most recently by clicking on the choice to the right of  the 'last update' box.

University of Maryland Library: Chemistry

Internet Resources-
Science Search Engine, Subject Directories,
& Gov. Websites

100 Extremely Useful Search Engines for Science
Title says it all (2009)

Cornell: Science & Arts Gateway for Education (SAGE)
Developed by the Cornell Center for Advanced Computing, this gateway provides educators and students with links to lesson planning and learning resources in science, mathematics, and the arts.

National Science Digital Library
Research on learning in science, technology, engineering, and math.

The Internet Scout Project
University of Wisconsin maintains this annotated list of sites on a broad range of topics which includes science and education.

Voice of the Shuttle:  Science, Technology & Culture
"This sub-page includes a selection of resourceson science, medicine, technology, and cultural-studies/historical approaches to science designed for humanists interested in the relation between sci-tech and society."

World Wide Web Virtual Library:
These gateways focus on the history of science, providing annotated lists of web sites.
Natural Sciences and Mathematics:

& Gov. Websites

National Library of Medicine
Maintained by the National Institute of Health
National Institute of Health's online magazine.

Maintained by the U of Medicine and Dentistry NJ


& Gov. Websites

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Information from Federal agencies covering sciences and health.

Organized into nine categories, this directory to university-level information will be helpful for high school students and teachers as well.


Brandeis University

Colorado State University: Definition of a Poster Session
Sections of this straightforward guide on poster sessions are displayed in the nav. bar. It focuses on paper poster sessions and addresses everything from 'what to include' to examples.

Penn State: Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students

Rethinking the Design of Presentation Slides

Appendix B: Documenting Sources

George Mason University: A Guide to Writing in the Biological Sciences
The Poster Session

Swarthmore College:
Advice on Designing Scientific Posters*
Humorous and helpful guide on paper poster sessions.

University of Medicine and Dentristry of New Jersey:
Providing Poster Sessions

An annotated list of 17 sites on poster development.

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APA Citation Guide - LIU Post

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