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Pathfinders, also called "hotlists," are tools to help you locate information on your topic in all formats and in many different collections: in your school library, at the public library, on the Internet, etc..

Pathfinders by Subject, Course, Teacher, and Project

All Subjects
Current Issues
English 1
Mr. Krapels, Mr. Peri

English 1 and 1H
Ms. Hering, Mr. Krapels,
Mr. Peri

English 1H
Mr. McCallister, Mrs. Paolucci
English 2
Mrs. Gliatta, Ms. Kulick,
Mrs. Shapiro   
English 2
Mrs. Beesley
English 3
Mrs. Gliatta, Mr. McCallister,
Mr. Peri
English 3 H
Mr. Hanson-Harding
Asian Literature AP
Mr. Hanson-Harding
Contemporary American Drama
Ms. Kulick
STEP English
Mrs. Muccio
STEP English
Mrs. Muccio, Ms. X
Chemistry II AP
Mr. Verbarg
Social Studies
World Civilization
Mr. Kinsella,
Mrs. Fernandez-Reyes,
Ms. Massaro
World Civilization
Mrs. Fernandez-Reyes
US History 1 & 1H
Mr. P. Dunn, Mrs. Fernandez-Reyes
Dr. Lenney,  Mr. O'Connor
Mr. Ortiz
"Issues & Controversies"
1600 to 1900 in America
US History 1 & 1H Haiku
Mr. P. Dunn,
Dr. Lenney,  Mr. O'Connor
Mr. Ortiz
US History 1
Mr. P. Dunn
US History 2 and 2AP
Mrs. Donnard, Mr. B. Dunn,
Mr. McGuire, Mr. Morehouse
US History 2 AP
Mr. McGuire
US History 2
Modern European History AP
Mr. Ortiz
STEP History
Ms. X



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